Sunday, September 13, 2009

AWSOME SERVICE ALERT: Wojhati & Dubai Metro

RTA' (Road & Transport Authority)'s Journy Planner named Wojhati (my point of view in Arabic) is aweseome! I've never seen anything like it XD

With Wojhati, you can plan public-transport (inlcuding Taxi actually) route from anywhere to anywhere in Dubai, and it will tell you exactly where to go, using which medium (which you can specify), how long it will take, complete with map, interactive map, and even animation map!

I read it cost RTA 3 million 270 thousand dollars to make. Check it out at ! I read the Dubai Metro cost around 8 million dollars to make, and is projected to make 4 million a year, and has already made 1 million 300 thousand from advertising (including by station-naming) fees.

I haven't tried it yet, but read that it is cooler than any other metro in the world. It afterall is the biggest fully automated metro in the world, and has the biggest underground station in the world (named Etihad)!

Dubai rawks!


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