Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I tried out the Dubai Metro yesterday, and it really IS awsome! It's very safe, smooth, clean, and easy to use.

It's very safe because there is no gap between the platform and the metro, and there is no way to access or fall into the track without because it's layered by glass-doors that slide only whent the metro arrives.

It's very easy to use because of the regular speaker announcements in Arabic and English updating on the next stop, and simple metro station map in each metro in each cabin.

It's very smooth and clean because of the high restriction on food and beverage inside of the metro, and because it's fully mechanized!

The only problem is the difficulty of recharging the payment card (called Nol) due to lack of conventionality, costing time needed for learning and que-waiting. I also heard that it is a little too easy to call for a false alarm by pulling some lever or breaking some emergency-glass. I didn't notice how easy it is to do either.


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