Monday, September 21, 2009

AWFUL SERVICE ALERT: Etisalat Messed Up With Blackberry

A person that I know got the Blackberry Bold, and soon after that, the poor thing would run out of power in no time, even shortly after the power is actually turned off!

It appears that despite all of Etisalat's (the main telecom provider in the United Arab Emirates) adequate services, it installs a program - which can be best explained as a Trojan horse - as soon as the Blackberry owner requests the roaming service, and accepts the file to activate it.

I really have very little to compain about when it comes to Etisalat, and of all the great services that it has offered and still does, it actually chose to try out a program made by somebody that stated to Etisalat to try it out, claiming to enable them to track any Blackberry user wherever he is.

Perhaps this would've been a good security enhancement for the government, but it should have been tested first.

Apprently the solution to this is either to remove the roaming service and the file in association, or to format the entire thing. However, the amount of frustration and time this costs the subscriber, and amount of reputation that this costs Blackberry is quite immense.

Etisalat, why?
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