Sunday, April 06, 2014

AWFUL SERVICE ALERT: Water World Yacht Rental

Never trust these scum bags.

RATINGS (out of 3)
- Quality: -3
- Efficiency: -3
- Friendliness: -2
- Overall: -2.67 (AWFUL)

These low lives promised a speedboat/yacht (after 3 wrong confirmations: once for a dinner cruise, and twice for the wrong timing) but on March 21 2014, gave me and my 
friends a normal boat, front seats occupied, Indian music (even though there were no Indian customers) after coming from a long distance (including Abu Dhabi).

I could not dispute it on the spot because I had already paid them (required in advance), the boat was quite a walk from their office, and my friends and I all had 

plans after and we all were aiming to destress for the weekend. 

I complained to the voucher company but they lied to them too claiming they provided a speedboat because there was not enough people for the yacht.


+971 52 910-2009
+971 52 9101250
+971 4 4228729
+97150 5197171

Dubai Marina Yacht Club
Dubai, PO Box 15657
Emirates, ME


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