Saturday, June 30, 2012


I took 2 horse-riding lessons for the first time on February 2012, this at Al Ahli Riding Club.

 RATINGS (out of 3)
- Quality: -1
- Efficiency: -3
- Friendliness: 1
- Overall:  -1 (PATHETIC)


Admin is aweful:
- gives wrong directions, does not know nearby landmarks
- expected me to go all the way to the club for just 15 minutes of unguided riding
- had to wait for the horse even though already came late and gave time to prepare it while I changed
- got almost no instruction from "Mustafa" even though I arrived late
- denied I already booked a second class, and got no ticket for it
- there are no signs to the place and can easily be confused for another Al Ahli Club (though nobody warned about that)
- washroom is dirty (flush esp. does not work)
- no changing room
- no greenery

On a more positive note, some of the instructors are great, especially the female ones ;]


Horse riding is good for:
- internal fitness related to coordination (since you have to synchronize with the horse's bounce, not pull the rein as you lift up)
- balance (especially when the horse goes fast since you end up being lifted up and sometimes swayed to the side)
- small muscles you never knew existed (like inside glutes, back, abs, legs, especially when you have to raise yourself off the saddle).
- communication skills (especially non-verbal) and leadership / resilience (you actually have to hit fairly hard to indicate desire to move).

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- real site: in Dubai, far far away.

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