Thursday, December 01, 2011

SAD PRODUCT ALERT: BlackBerry PlayBook

BlackBerry PlayBook.

No good if you are looking to use it with your mobile.

RATINGS (out of 3)
- Quality: 2
- Availability: 2
- Efficiency: -3
- Professionalism: 1
- Friendliness: -3
- Overall: -1 (SAD)


   It sure looks and feels amazing, and can play games and play as well as caputre multimedia flawlessly. However, it is no good if you are looking to use any mobile package.

   After bridging with the BlackBerry phone, you can only use the applications in the Blackberry Bridge menu, so you cannot use the Playbook for anything but messages (SMSs, email accounts set up on the phone), and contacts. This means that you cannot use things like BlackBerry Messenger, and there is no Outlook equivalent on it.

   It is very difficult to set up the cell bridge. Tried through bar code and manually, from PlayBook and from phone, and could not connect though connected once manually (got code from PlayBook that entered into phone).

   If you ever achieve bridging between the phone and the PlayBook, the mobile network runs very slow anyway.

   The BlackBerry Desktop Software (the latest one) does not even support bluetooth connections with the PlayBook.  It says that right before scanning for bluetooth connections using the sofware on the PC.

   The PlayBook is just a plaything. Better off getting a netbook or a Galaxy Tab!

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