Sunday, March 27, 2011

AWFUL SERVICE ALERT: DreamDays Sky Restaurant - Marina

DreamDays has a "flight" experience at Dubai Marina Walk. The concept is orignated in Belgium. The idea is to be suspended 50 meters by a crain with a group of about 20 people each seated in a bar environment (a big table with with waiters in the middle) while being serving meals or a snack for 20 minutes to 1 hour.

RATINGS (out of 3)
- Quality: 1
- Availability: 2
- Efficiency: 1
- Professionalism: 0
- Friendliness: 2
- Overall: 1.20

Better not waste your money with this "flight" experience. You are better off eating in an airplane which you are using to get to some place at the same time.

When I called to book I got hung up on as I was giving my email-address, then when I called back I had to give it out at least 3 times over, then was repeated wrong around another 3-5 times over till they finally got it weeeh.

The "high tea" flight (50 meters suspension at a dining table afternoon snack) was supposed to be at 5:30PM, but when I arrived at 5:15PM, I waited for a queue just to be told to go to another queue (which had nobody, not even an attendant). However, I found out that the 5PM "flight" still did not happen yet. Thankfully, they let me on the 5PM "flight", which "lifted off" at around 5:30PM. Though I was waiting in line for around 15 minutes, they were about to take others in (who were not in the queue) into the flight until I told them that I was waiting for this "flight" and that the others were actually there for the 5:30PM "flight".

Afterwards, I realized that all there was was a glass of cheap Gulfa water, and 3 highly processed cookies. There was no tea for me, while the others nearby had. I just sat down till they offered me tea and had to repeat my question as to what flavors they have 3 times over till they finally told me. They took some pictures, and a very nice attendant helped me take pictures of me with my own camera.

There is almost no thrill factor especially because there is a small platform underneath each one's feet, and there are 3 seat-belts strapped on each person. The view is limited to the Marina lake and some buildings at a distance and a field of sand underneath.

Another thing is the music. This is supposed to be a lavish experience with "culinary delights" and yet they play annoying techno type clubbing music.

- virtual site:
- real site: Dubai Marina Walk
- phone-number: 8002020

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