Sunday, July 15, 2012

PATHETIC PRODUCT ALERT: Merlin USB -> TV for Android Network Media Player

Only good if don't have cable nor satelite, and you don't really watch any TV anyways.

RATINGS (out of 4)
- Quality: -3
- Efficiency: 0
- Friendliness: 0
- Overall: -1 (PATHETIC)

Most channels are Chinese, many channels are not English, all movies are Chinese, some channels don't work, browser barely works (loading too long, cannot copy-paste), cannot read other languages like Arabic, applications won't download, interface is very tacky.

Sucks, really sucks. Merlin is not known to product quality products anyway I guess, just perhaps innovative. This was a complete waste of my time; luckily I got to get a refund for this junk.

- virtual site:
- real site: CompuMe at MoE sells this peice of s#@t

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