Thursday, September 11, 2008


Aspect: Pre-Sales service ==> After-Sales service also.


Availability: medium.

Efficiency: very low.

Professionalism: extremely low.

Report: extremely slow, keep rejecting form without saying reason, when ask for quotation adjustment according to choices says that no discount, then asks to talk to somebody else.

Events: in descending order of date. For complete list of emails please contact me.

- September 10: CATHERINE TABAL said no discount, I replied, MAHER replied.
- September 9: followed up with CATHERINE TABAL and added voicemails.
- September 7: sent CATHERINE TABAL requests.
- September 4: got quotation from CATHERINE TABAL.
- September 3: CATHERINE TABAL said can't quote, I asked why and requested BCM50 quotation.
- August 27: I sent CATHERINE TABAL requirements after she called.
- August 25 12:25PM: said will call back in 10M.
- August 24 6:20PM: no answer. "can't quote…"
- May 7: called JONALYN. Said somebody will call.
- April 16: emailed requirements.

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